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State-Owned Enterprises: catalyst for public value creation

In this report, we address the following key questions which we believe are essential for a robust discussion around the nature and extent of state ownership: • What role do SOEs play in societal and public value creation? • What is the purpose and mission of SOEs? • What are their desired outcomes and associated performance scorecards? • What makes SOEs similar, yet different, to their private sector counterparts, and how do these nuances translate into how they are led, governed and controlled? • What does the SOE of the future look like? In our view, SOEs are likely to remain an important instrument in any government’s toolbox for societal and public value creation given the right context, collaborating with other stakeholders for this purpose in the ‘penta helix’ of private companies, not-for-profit organisations, academia, public sector and citizens. For instance, increased global competition for finance, talent, and resources may mean that countries may increasingly turn to SOEs as a tool to better position themselves for the future in the global economy.

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